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My name is Sophie Königsberger. Welcome to my little blog. Daylight Moth is about needlework and inspiration. It’s about creating and learning and aspiring.

My goal is to make beautiful things to wear and try all kinds of other things. I want to take you along my journey to get better with all kinds of needles and learn how to get creative projects done while working a full time job and still get enough sleep. I’ve started this blog just recently, so kindly bear with me while the stacks are still a little empty.

What’s this?


At Daylight Moth I’m fabricating fashion. Fashion to me is working with what you have to strive for what you wish for – forever creating new harmonies with colours, materials, patterns, accessoires and still never being content. It’s the most natural way to express myself. It makes me happy. It makes me feel like I’ll never be finished with it. I’m most carefree and most ambitious with fashion.

I started sewing about ten years ago when my fashion sense could not be satisfied by the clothes available in shops. Later I started knitting and couture embroidery. My goal is to create unique and beautiful clothes that I would actually wear and be unadjustedly individual.

Early on in my sewing experiments I changed designs and altered patterns to my taste. I don’t think I’ve ever sewn something completely according to the instruction. Now, I’m mostly constructing my own patterns or altering clothes to my liking. If you are a seamstress or attending fashion school, please beware: Everything I do is completely intuitive and probably has the autodidact’s way written all over it. It may not be conventional but it works for me. And maybe you’ll get inspired to try and create something in your own style as well.

Sophie stickt

But there’s also another side to creative work and I want to address this, too.

If I had to make the shortest possible description of my own style, I would call it “complicated”. Quick and simple is not really my taste. I’m all for intricate patterns, elaborate decorations and little details. This blog is my ode to hard and complicated fashion making projects.

But hard and complicated fashion making projects aren’t very funny when you actually have to do them. I’ve struggled a lot with getting my creative projects done and I still do. I have the bad habit of extensively planning, designing and thinking about problems while forever procrastinating to finish what I started. But I’m getting better. In this blog I want to share my little collected pearls of productivity wisdom and also learn what keeps you motivated. I’m always curious to find out more on this subject.

Why Daylight Moth?

I’m naturally a night owl; I’ve always been. But I want to learn to get up early and seize the day (read: that part of the day that has natural sunlight). There’s something so magical and inspirational about the early hours of the day. I want to use them for hard creative work.

I’m trying hard to set a routine of getting up on time but it still feels not at all natural. Maybe it will be forever foreign. Maybe I will always be a night creature roaming in daylight. But I can be a happy daylight-night creature who gets things done.

Who am I anyway?


I studied Comparative Literature, Chinese and Japanese Studies. After shortly working as an editor in a publishing house I decided to get some education on Online Marketing, Social Media and Web Development (I’m quite proud I coded the design for this blog myself). Now I’m working in Public Relations and I’m very happy with this new job. It makes me happy to be working and pursuing a career. Being independent is very important to me and being able to provide for myself is a part of that.

I always had a heart for crafting and painting. I grew up with my mother sewing and knitting clothes for me and making quilts. If something in the house needed a paint job, of course my father would do it himself.

So I grew up with creativity as a natural thing to do. Ok, my parents weren’t that amused when I drew on all the walls and furniture in my room… But these days are the past. Now I’m doing something useful with my skills: painting the walls with nice designs and drawing sketches for my blog.

Today I’m still happiest when I did something myself, be it repurposing old things, knitting a hat or binding a book. Finishing a DIY-project comes with a sense of achievement that is very special to me.

Random Facts about me

  • I like literature and art. The books on my shelves are sorted by colour. I mark important or interesting or beautiful passages in novels with little stars at the side.
  • I’m really, really enthusiastic about tracking my actions and I’ve already developed several strategies to do that. You might hear about them in my Motivation section.
  • Sometimes my musical taste thinks I’m 53 instead of 27 years old.
  • I love to tap dance. I love to dance ballet. I love the 20s and yes, I can dance the Charleston.
  • I really enjoy going for long walks and writing in my journal.
  • Just in case you’re wondering: The (admittedly quite obscure) shout outs to various musicals in this text were intentional.

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